Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall Weather and NYC moments

New York is beautiful. I've found myself having tons of very "New Yorkish" moments...maybe because i'm moving into my new apartment piece by piece. The other day Marie and I were walking back to our apartment and found an IKEA couch that had JUST been put on the curb...as a christmas gift to us. So, we sat on it and immediately called for help. The people continued spilling their apartments possessions onto the curb, and people continually came by to pick them up, and we sat on the couch drinking snapple for about an hour until Laura and Kyle came to help us out. They're my heroes for the week. Definitely saved the day. After about two hours, a two avenue and one block walk, and a six flight climb, the couch now sits a room away for me, dissassembled and awaiting us to purchase a few spacers and bolts to put it back together.

My roommate went to IKEA last night, and again I woke up to christmas. I put together my new IKEA chair I now sit on, rolling about the apartment. It's pretty fun. I never have to stand up again.

We're stocked up on noodles, macaroni and cheese, and peanut butter and jellie for the year from costco, and the place is really starting to become home. Tonight we play our first official match for the 2009 season against TCNJ, which should be challenging. It will be my first full game back from the injury.

Yesterday I met up with my friend Nathan and not only did he cook me lunch, but we went up to central park and rollerbladed. It was amazing. I loved every second of the fall-like weather we have going on right now. Cross your fingers and say a prayer that it sticks around.

I also finished ordering my books yesterday and now that I'm almost fully moved in all that's left to do is play some soccer and enjoy the last week of the city before school starts back up. Is it already September? Looks like i'm turning twenty-one pretty soon....

Still on the Church hunt. I have a few options in mind...now if I could just stay in the city for a weekend it would be great.

Off to my game now- more to come later!