Thursday, March 12, 2009


Tonight I got to hear Ken Ham speak at Westminster Chapel along with Dr. David Menton. They spoke on behalf of answers in genesis (a website I highly recommend) about Creation, Darwinism, evolution, science, and faith. I haven't felt this exhilarated in a while!

My major requires a lot of me. It requires a lot of my time, my effort, severe concentration, but more than that, it requires an attack on my religion most of the time. Every week in Biology I'm taught how this miraculous world was created by an evolutionary process over millions of years. I'm not trying to put down those who believe in evolutionary theory. To be honest, if we didn't have the Bible to rely on, all we could do is guess what happened based on the evidence we have, as evolutionist have. Both creationists and evolutionist work from the same evidence that science has given us, it is just a matter of what presuppositions you look at that evidence from. Those who believe in the bible interpret science to fit what the bible tells us about history. Those who do not interpret the evidence based on a world void of purpose or a beginning.

Tonight I have retaken up the challenge I have had lately, and my passion has even further been ignited. I bought five books and a magazine (good deals, five for thirty pounds) which is more money than I've spent in any one given place in London to date, but I just had to get these books. Why? Because I am a firm believe than believe or non-believer, we should take a lesson from 1 Peter.

"Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have." (3:15).

So, I urge no, challenge, everyone who reads this to do just that. Find out why you believe what you believe. Look into it. Have a REASON.

On a side note, tonight I really miss home! They kept mentioning America in the talks (both positively and negatively) and I just kept thinking about how much I miss Texas! And even New York! Also, apparently there is a creation museum located in Cinncinati, Ohio? I wonder if its worth checking out...Now i'm looking at pictures from the February Birthdays on facebook and wishing I was there!!

Miss you guys!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too many too muches.

The past two weeks have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. Not to say I'm not still enjoying myself in London, but things have really kicked into gear with everything, and I found myself more often than not attempting to tackle a long list of must-dos. But none-the-less, I just finished a biology presentation on lung cancer ( DO NOT SMOKE ) and now I'm giving myself the night off to relax and catch up on some much needed blogging!

So, since I've blogged last I had the opportunity to go bowling with the Brits, speak with people @ Leicester square, attend church and have a really informative/tasty lunch with Rob, catch up on some quality Monty Python @ Matt's, Catch a football game with Laura (Doncaster V. Charlton-definitely not premier team material, but still fun to watch!), swim in the atlantic ocean, eat my first cornish pasty, see the ruins of a castle, finish a sketchbook, spend 14 hours on a bus, play in another football match, and give my presentation on lung cancer...

It's been busy, but to elaborate more on the better parts of the week, I had a fantastic trip to Cornwall! We saw stonehenge on the way, which is a bit smaller than you would imagine, but when you consider how those stones got there (we don't know) or why they're there (we don't know) or how it is that they're still there (we don't know)'s kind of cool. Okay, not just kind of cool, its fascinating. Afterward my friend Nathan and I went in to play with the sheep (that surround Stonehenge...and well everywhere to the West of London it seems) and by play, I mean we chased after them while everyone laughed at was still fun.

We made it to Newquay (pronounced New Key) four or five hours later where we stayed in a hostel overlooking the ocean. As you can imagine I was flipping out. I love the ocean, even if it was a little cold. The hostel was a bit gross, but the view made up for it. That night we went out for mexican food-erh, okay,everyone else was pleased, but I'll stick to Texas for my Mexican food thank you- and then I tried a wine named after yours truly (okay, probably some other Gaston) but it was french, and well it had my name on it. Merlot, pretty good.

The next day we went ot the Eden Project which is a biodome- the whole reason we were there. The rainforest was really cool, complete with a water fall and a lot of fascinating plants. Yes, I realize that sonnded nerdy, but who doesn't know I'm a nerd by now? I ate my first cornish pasty, and after a few more hours of plants and study time we headed back to Newquay for chill time. After some Thai food (I don't know why we went so ethnic in some random beach town, it was okay...) we went back to the hostel and then out to the beach! We ended up swimming, where I lost my phone, but it was well worth it. We also found a really cool cave to hang out in and eat cream scones (famously Cornish). Sunday we saw the remains of Tintandel Castle- but I was more impressed by the view! Here we were on these green cliffs overlooking sea green water splashing up against the rocks. It was amazing. Really and truly, it is fascinating to see what God has created! We did get hailed on once we got to the top of this enormous cliff, which wasn't exactly a highlight, but we climbed down and up another to find a church, which was beautiful.

After our adventure we made it to one of my favorite moments of the trip- sunday brunch. A few people I know went vegetarian for lent, and I just laughed in that moment as they sat at another table glaring at our beautiful food. Okay, maybe it was mean to laugh, but they really missed out... It was quite possibly the best food I've had in the last two months. Freshly carved meat complete with sweet potatoes, pudding, roasted carrots, cabbage, potatos, tea...Is your mouthwatering yet? Mine was. It was at a bed and breakfast in a small (and I mean REALLY small) town, and you could just tell that everything was fresh and home made...I dream of it nightly.

My new John Macarthur book arrived, and after Rob lent me 20 answers by Ken Ham, and Barney lent me Mere Christianity, and I already have The Case for a Creator...i'm up to my eye balls in books so I think that book suggestion post really wen't well!!

Marie and Lex are coming to visit on Friday, and we also get to see the inner houses of Parliament (few people get to do so) for our architecture class! I'm really excited.

A few random notes, i'm looking into skyping soon so that I can see everyone so text me!! ( I have a new number, ask me for it I don't want to post it here)...but I really miss you all!

More to come later- I promise it won't be two more weeks before I post again!