Saturday, February 14, 2009

My next book...

Hey-this post will be short, and while I promise to eventually blog about the exciting things going on here in London, this week and the weeks ahead are going to be heavily demanding on me for school, so blogging will have to wait.

But what cannot wait is suggestions for my next book. So far I have tackled Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge and Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I'm still working through a Lee Strobel book, and of course the bible, but I always like to have a book I read a chapter out of every night and I'm almost done with this for this time, and this time only, comments requested!



  1. I have a ton of recommendations, BUT do you want me to just send you a few? Or would that be a pain to try to bring back with you in May? Maybe there is a place you can sell them back to? Just let me know! I love you!

  2. Or if they have libraries... they are amazingly convenient when it comes to books! love ya! I'm big on Christian Fiction.. so if you want to venture that way, I can definitely recommend some books.

  3. I don't know if you've ever read The Screwtape Letters but it really spoke volumes to me about the games that demons can play in your life. It is definitely the most life-applicable fiction book I've ever read.

    By the way, can Steph and Ash be any more vague? I know the way you think! Love ya Kato!

    ps Go buy an old Charles Spurgeon or AW Tozer devotional and go to town!

  4. Another CS Lewis gem that might be useful since you're studying to be a doctor is The Problem With Pain.

    Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high, take a look, its in a book, the reading rainbow, the reading rainbow..

  5. I'm definitely going to head to the bookstore this weekend to see about a devotional with Spurgeon (if I can find one) because he is so intertwined with the history here. It's so cool. In the meantime, I might go with Matt's suggestion of Mere Christianity.

  6. I love Karen Kingsbury books... LESS VAGUE CLINT!! So I will recommend ANYTHING by her though if its one of the sad books, be prepared for a good cry... I also love Ted Dekker though his books are more action packed and mysterious. His books have more dig-for-it Christian messages though they are clearly woven in his stories.