Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So, another two weeks without posting. This time I have a fairly good excuse.

I spent spring break in Venice, Florence, and Verona. Even as I write that I really can't believe I was there, and even more I can't believe I brought myself to leave! Italy isn't somewhere I would want to live. Even in my brief week spent there I could see things about the culture there that I would absolutely hate to have to live with on a day to day basis. But the place is definitely somewhere I LOOOVE to visit. Countless times, again and again, I would definitely go back!

So a definite place to start for me is the food. It was indescribable. Everything I ate there tasted amazing, and I ate ALOT. Laura and I managed to average two gelattos a day, in addition to our regular three meals and dessert. The wine was good too. We went on a bike tour through Tuscany one day, and that was an amazing experience a well. The art and architecture of Italy are astounding. The history there is present in every aspect of the place- the buildings, the food, the traditions, the family-feeling. I won't write too much about it, partially because I have to study for massive finals coming up, partially because I need to shower, and partially because writing every detail about Italy would take days, but I am more than happy to tell you all about it in person when I get back in a few weeks!

In other news, I spent the second part of spring break catching up on sleep, exercise, studies, and hanging out with my friends from TRC, exploring London. Even after spending months here, there is still so much I haven't seen! I just sent in an application to attend summer school at Southwestern Seminary, so we'll see how that goes, and in the next few days I also hope to get out some applications to volunteer at Cooks and JPS ver the summer. This weekend I'll take my last relaxing weekend in Europe to Paris- and its sure to be a blast!
That's all I have time for for now,but I'll be sure to post again before I arrive back in good old cowtown.

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