Wednesday, April 29, 2009

There's no place like home.

I finished my last trip of this amazing semester on Sunday. I spent a brief 36-hours in Paris. (Pictures on facebook). The city is beautiful, clean, and urban. It has amazing art, great architectural monuments (though I don't think the everyday buildings are anything to gawk at as I did in Italy) and at the risk of sounding redundant (I should really probably weigh 400 pounds) it had amazing food. Pastries were abundant, I've never had a better croissant in my life, I tried escargot, ate a crepe, and returned from my adventure alive and well. It was a really fun trip to take with all of my girls (Roommates from Gramercy and fellow soccer players). And so, Paris was fun (quiet an understatement I realize).

I return home, and what is on my mind? Texas.

Something has hit me, and call me crazy, but after a semester gallivanting about Europe I'm having a Wizard of Oz moment. There really is no place like home. (And by now, I've had the opportunity to see a few places that aren't.)

So 18 days Texas, I'll be seeing you soon.


  1. That's so weird....I started missing you this past weekend while I was eating french fries. Can't wait to see ya Kato!!!!

  2. I had a Babe's thought and immediately missed you! Life is just not the same without Katie in town! There is definitely less Grey's and Dad has more food in the fridge.....